Sustainable Supply Chain: Assistance and Pre-audit

Supply Chain Transparency and Traceability

Supplier Due Diligence

Supplier Assistance for Compliance

Certification Pre-audit

Understanding the full value chain of your products from the point of origin to your owned facilities. Our team of experts are able to navigate and investigate complex supply chains; and reveal the various actors involved in the supply chain of interest. This includes as well disclosing the issues of concern; for example deforestation. We can be and able to provide the third-party verified report on your supply chain.

We have established a system to understand the level of compliance of your suppliers in the value chain. This compliance level can be benchmarked based on your company’s commitment, own policies, required legal compliance and/ or the choice of certification standard. Based on the due diligence system, the company can decide to include a supplier in their value chain. We have an established system which are used and tested in various industries (e.g. biofuels, food) for various commodities.

Based on the level of compliance of your supplier, we can provide assistance to your suppliers to meet your compliance/ certification standard requirements. This includes gap assessments/ benchmarking, and recommendations for improvement. We will be able to assist the supplier step-by-step until they are ready for certification or meet the compliance standard of interest.

Our team of experts have decades of combined experience in certification and have worked with and within certification agencies. We are able to provide a pre-audit/ mock certification audit for the entire supply chain to provide our customers knowledge what a full certification audit would be like. Based on our experience, certification audits may be a stressful and unexpected experience for new companies; thus by doing a pre-audit we are able to prepare the companies on what to expect during the real audit. Based on the pre-audit findings, the supply chain actor would be able to prepare their people and systems. As PLANB is not a certification company; our pre-audit would not be in conflict with the actual certification exercise.