Stakeholder Engagement and Mapping

Stakeholders are important to every organization and their activities. These stakeholders are individuals or groups, typically exist both within and outside the organisation, who have an interest or role in your organization’s project, program or portfolio, or are impacted by it.

PLANB team members consist of project professionals with experience in stakeholders mapping. Our process involves working together and assisting your team members to identify these stakeholders. An analysis of these stakeholders will be based on the degree to which they may become a help or hindrance by considering numerous criteria, mainly:

  • the relative power of the stakeholder to change how things are done;
  • the degree of interest that the stakeholder is likely to demonstrate actively;
  • the likelihood of the stakeholder to support the project.

By identifying the stakeholders, your organization will be able to understand not only what is important to your organization, but also what your stakeholders think about your organization’s activities, priorities. This will enable tailored activities which will have wider support and bring positive impact to the wider community.