Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs, also called government affairs, is a requirement for all industries which relies on regulations for their license to operate in a country. PLANB has professionals of regulatory affairs which have decades of experience in various governments; to navigate not only the current regulatory environment relevant to your organization; but also able to see how future regulations in the pipeline can impact your organization.

Our team experience includes engaging government officials in Indonesia, Malaysia and various EU countries to support and communicate with the officials on behalf of certain company concerns or commitments.

Our regulatory affairs professionals (aka regulatory professionals) have experience for the following general areas:

  • Ensuring that our clientsare aware and thus provide requirements for your organization comply with all of the regulations and laws pertaining to your
  • Ability to work with authorities in various levels on the government from central, state and even local level. We are able to communicate with them on specific issues affecting your business, i.e department of agriculture, forestry and environment, state/ provincial level and regency levels.
  • Provide robust advice to clients on the regulatory aspects and climate that would affect proposed activities. i.e. describing the “regulatory climate” around issues such as the smallholder issues, carbon trading, conservation, forestry, and others.