Impact Assessment; Financial and Sustainability Due Diligence

We provide the security you need to ensure that your investments, the projects you are assisting, your partnerships, your development assets risks are mapped and understood. Impact Assessment is a means of measuring the effectiveness of organisational activities relative to the development project on the ground while also measuring and judging the significance of changes brought about by those activities.

We understand that impact assessment is eventually intimately linked to your organization’s mission, purpose, and commitment. Our company will assist your organization to articulate your company’s impact to the projects on the ground; this is a powerful means of communicating, internally and externally.

Our team also provides a comprehensive due diligence system to ensure that the risks are properly mapped from the sustainability, financial and overall ESG aspects. Our team of experts have done numerous risk assessment activities and gauge the impact of the projects on the whole scope of ESG. This will guide the company decision making to be well informed and enabling the mitigation of risks.