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The back design of Bicycle Ride back is probably the most recognizable in the world poker cheat marked deck, having been in constant production since 1887 infrared scope camera. Printed by The U.S. Playing Card Co. Each deck comes packaged in a classic tuck box. Ultimate marked Bicycle Rider back cards in our store are made by using origin Bicycle decks. To match the name, there is a symmetrical image of the cupid riding on the back of Bicycle Rider cards. These cards have two color, red and blue. And the exterior of the picture includes multiple heart shapes, curved plants and cupids planted in each corner. Hence, this design is called as the “Rider Back” design. Because of such back design, it is possible to alter Bicycle decorative side without being recognized by others attention. Color changes, increase and decrease of the line, the slight change of the pattern can all be the perfect marking for poker magicians and players to discover.